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Name What's your First World Problem? Comments Post date
Bill I am never motivated enough to get a costume for Halloween. Inevitably, at the last minute, I throw... 8 weeks 2 days ago
susan I would like to get a smaller house, since I travel so much, but, my art collection would not fit... 25 weeks 3 days ago
Bill I tried to use the UberX at the Orlando International airport last night but it told me nothing was... 27 weeks 3 days ago
handsomeJackOff running out of porn sites that get me off. they all look the same... 31 weeks 1 day ago
Melissa The leather seats on my SUV are SO cold in the winter before the seat heater kicks in. 34 weeks 2 days ago
Walt I keep putting off having my car detailed because it rains every couple of days. 37 weeks 6 days ago
Tom The guy that details my golf cart leaves streaks on the glass. 41 weeks 2 days ago
Tom My wine refrigerator won't keep my beer cold enough. Have to use my beer refrigerator which... 44 weeks 4 days ago
Craig Demi and I are Swiss, live in the flatlands and in winter all we see is gray "high fog" (... 46 weeks 5 days ago
Bob Too many "tourists" at the gym this month because of so-called "resolutions." 49 weeks 1 day ago
Michelle Irreparably tangled up two pairs of earbuds in my office chair wheel. 1 year 4 weeks ago
AK Bought a huge old oil painting for $6 to paint over and found out it's worth hundreds so now I... 1 year 6 weeks ago
HandsomeMan Ran out of United freq flier miles... have to use Delta's instead... 1 year 9 weeks ago
J-Rod Couldn't find regular half and half to go with my coffee. Had too many other options- hazelnut... 1 year 9 weeks ago
Jean HIV medz makin me sleepeh, need meth to counteract. 1 year 10 weeks ago
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