Lost a ton of money in football bets today

What's your First World Problem?: 
Lost a ton of money in football bets today


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Tell Us Your First World Problem or Read Other People's First World Problems:

Name What's your First World Problem? Comments Post date
Craig 4th of July. Fireworks and barbecues are so banal. 1 year 46 weeks ago
Mah-tin Driving home from STARBUCKS and shoppinh COACH, I damaged my LEXUS on my garage FRIGIDAIRE, but... 1 year 47 weeks ago
Martin I reluctantly agreed to watch my ex's bambino for the weekend, but kept it all day in the sun... 1 year 47 weeks ago
E. Claire The line for cronuts is over an hour, and my assistant's time is too valuable for that. 1 year 47 weeks ago
Tom Mt Portfolio dropped so much today, I'm considering selling one of my boats. 1 year 48 weeks ago
Martin On my walk to work today I passed a half-asleep derelict who'd pissed himself on the edge of... 1 year 48 weeks ago
Martin Also, today, rotten luck. My intern broke her leg. Her parents don't provide summer... 1 year 48 weeks ago
JacThomas Sad my Mercedes doesn't have free valet at the mall whereas my Range did. 1 year 48 weeks ago
Martin My housekeeper no longer pretends to find me attractive, so now I need a new housekeeper. :( 1 year 49 weeks ago
LJ I hate it when our housecleaner put my sonic toothbrush on the wrong side of the sink. 1 year 49 weeks ago
chris My wife wants to go 'glamping' but I think it sounds stupid as hell 1 year 50 weeks ago
heddafish My internet browser forgot all my passwords. 1 year 50 weeks ago
Johnny Boy Too many bands want me to play Saxophone for them. So I'm being forced to play and be at bars... 2 years 1 week ago
Pete I'm over here, but the remotes over there. 2 years 2 weeks ago
SK My new 42 inch flat screen would not program. I had to wait 24 hours for the cable guy who found it... 2 years 5 weeks ago
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